Comfort & Quality

CQ Dental, formerly known as Dental Clinic, is the dental practice at the Piet Heinplein. CQ Dental has been situated in the beautiful Zeeheldenkwartier since 2004. To our many regular patients we have been the trusted address for dental care for over a decade already.

The name changed, because several other unrelated Dental Clinics were started, with which our stand-alone PietHeinplein practice was increasingly more often confused.

To be who you are, meaning to have your own identity, is important, and not only to CQ Dental, either. You can expect CQ Dental to give proper attention to your identity and your every need.

CQ Dental is a practice that still offers you your own regular dentist, where you find a trusted and familiar contact at the counter.

If you like to:
– entrust your dental care to qualified professionals
– get to know the practice, the co-workers and your dentist
– be more than just your teeth and molars added up
– feel comfortable before, during and long after treatment
– receive same-day treatment in case of an emergency

then CQ Dental is the place to be for you!

Mrs. A. De Cicco General Dentist/Ortho/paro
Alessandra finished her education in Dentistry and Orthotontics. Working as a general dentist, she has great affinity with prodontology and orthodontology. Our youngest patients feel at ease with this dentist, a mother of two.

This sporty and patient dentist has a broad education and gained 9 years of experience working in Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Mr. P.P.B.M. van der Kroft    


Besides general dentistry, Paul specialized in surgical treatments, including most of all the placement of implants. By now, he has over 30 years of experience in the capacity of senior dentist. He also enjoyed running a practice in Italy for 4 years, meaning that Paul is also fluent in Italian.

Mrs. B. Perkovic dentist

Bojana finished her education in Dentistry in Rijeka, Croatia, and has been active as a dentist for over 35. Her passion centers on the more complex problematics in the mouth. Bojana can fully put her quality and experience in this field to use. Among other things, she specializes in endodontology.

Mrs. A.S. Angnoe

Dentistry assistant/Receptionist

Anna Sophia is a caring professional assistant. With over 12 years of experience in dental care, her heart is in prevention and children’s dentistry. Anna has collected her knowledge and experience in several The Hague practices. She started out in our practice as a 16-year old pupil, working during her holidays from school. Anna is Back to Base again, and contributes to the development of our quality and your comfort on a daily basis! We are also an accredited work placement company and the interns find a dedicated internship mentor in Anna.

Mrs. H. de Visser

Manager/owner of the practice

Besides management duties, Helena always finds time for explaining things regarding prevention and treatments. The tasks of setting up treatment plans and creating possibilities are in good hands with Helena. As point of contact at the counter, and sometimes by the dentist chair, she has engaged herself for our patients for years, already.

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