Your budget

We will figure it out…

At times, there are some misconceptions about the cost for a dental treatment.

There is no need for that. The rates for dental care have been established by the Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa, the Dutch Healthcare authority); They can be found (in Dutch) on the the list of rates the list of rates.

It sometimes happens, that people will not see a dentist for years, and that they are afraid, that sanitizing the teeth will end up costing too much. Before we start working with you, we will have charted the costs. Every treatment is, after all, made to measure.

We understand that you would like to be treated within the budget that your extra insurance allows for. To accomplish this requires a realistic approach and proper planning.

Sometimes it may be necessary to execute a treatment approach within a short timespan.

In those cases, we will help you find a financial solution for that.

You can count on CQ Dental to support you and prevent wasting time and effort by:
– having and maintaining an insight in and a clear view of the status of your teeth
– keeping reality in mind with everything we do
– setting the right priorities, based on know-how and professional experience
– offering a no nonsense approach: we tell it like it is
– taking your personal circumstances into account

The CQ Dental team knows that many things already have a price tag attached to them, but also, that having a healthy mouth with beautiful teeth and powerful molars is a precious asset.

We will not charge you extra for the help you need from us if, for instance, you need to reinforce applications with institutions.
Or for the trust we put in you when we offer you a payment plan in case the treatment can not wait until your budget allows for it.
Or for that extra service, should you require it, such as a parking voucher, a cup of coffee on the terrace, picking you up if you have trouble walking, and delivering a prescription to your home or to your pharmacy.

At CQ Dental you are our priority!

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