Your teeth

A precious asset
A full set of teeth consists of 32 teeth and molars. Furthermore, your mouth contains gums, mucosa and, naturally, your tongue.

That is quite a lot to keep healthy, fresh and beautiful.

Do you have a beautiful and healthy mouth?
Then you will most likely want to keep it that way.
To that end, you regularly visit us for a check-up. In an ideal world, you do this once every six months. During this check-up, your teeth will be checked thoroughly by your dentist. It is wonderful when you learn a little more about your mouth during a check-up, and what the best way is to take care of it. This prevents issues from appearing and lengthens the life cycle of your healthy teeth substantially.

We check for::
– caries in your molars or teeth
– rim occlusion of old fillings
– inflammation of gums and the space between gums and jawbone
– wear and tear of teeth and investigating possible causes
– mouth and jaw diseases.

If necessary, an x-ray picture is taken to look for possible caries in between molars. An overview picture (OPG) can be used to show the condition of the roots of your molars, the presence of inflammation at the root ends and at the bone level.

Are there any issues with your teeth and/or the health of your mouth?
Then it is very likely want a thorough action plan, a careful and competent execution of the treatments through which your teeth will ince again be healthy and free of pain.

We offer the following treatments:
– restorative dentistry: fillings, crown and bridge jobs
– esthetic treatments: esthetic fillings, bleaching and facings
– endodontology: root canal treatments
– mouth hygiene
– parodontitis treatments
– protectics: full and partial teeth protheses
– orthodontics:
– children’s dentistry;
– implantology: implants and click-on protheses.

Your teeth are a precious asset. You take great care of them. And so do we.

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